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A B O U T   U S

Mail media a division of FXD Communications is a proprietor held company founded in 2004. Designed and developed by a creative and dynamic team of problem solvers, Mail media was created in response to the need for fast and easy to use web based tools to produce, distribute and track content rich email based marketing, sales, and promotional campaigns. Now approaching a wide variety of industry sectors -including financial services, entertainment, information technology, professional services, auto dealerships, non-profits, manufacturing, travel, education, child care, retail/ecommerce, advertising and marketing- Mail media has become a preferred option for companies and individuals who understand the savings and advantages of email based marketing

Our Team

We have grown to a broadly diverse team of professional, friendly, bright, hard working, artsy, very brainy, caring, enthusiastic, extroverted, introverted, inspiring, inspired, dedicated individual's -men and women of all ages, colors and fancies. In our diversity, we all share a common goal:


A vision and a passion for service!




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