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Mail media has powerful newsletter management features that enable you to easily manage your brand image. Mail media has a full suite of template library for content creation and content storage. In all, you can use Mail media to achieve all your targets for your email marketing campaigns.

Template Library

The Mail media Template Library acts as the central repository for your email marketing content. The Template Library makes sending email campaigns quick and easy. You can use any of our pre-made HTML email templates, choose to add your own or use our Professional Services and have one of our designers create one for you.

Online Image and Document Hosting

Image and Document Hosting allows you to manage and control all aspects of your campaign from within the easy to use interface. Maintaining total control of your image and document library ensures there is no need to worry about having campaign linked images deleted from a third party website-and inaccessible to your email campaign recipients. Image hosting streamlines campaign creation, with one click insertion into email templates. Store hundreds of images and documents in your choice of format (JPEG, GIF, PNG images and PDF, word doc).

Foreign Language Capabilities

Mail media fully supports foreign language and double-byte character sets, allowing you to send both plain text and HTML e-mails in virtually any foreign language.




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