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Mail media includes many advanced List Management features that help email marketers save time and deploy more effective email campaigns. Our List Management features are designed to allow email marketers to quickly and easily automate the many otherwise laborious tasks needed to deploy an email campaign.

Import / Export Wizard

Getting your data into and out of Mail media is easy. Mail media supports several methods for synchronizing your data. An intuitive import / export wizard makes importing text or Excel files a breeze.

Subscribe & Unsubscribe Management

Mail media features a robust subscribe and unsubscribe management system. Recipients can be unsubscribed either via one-click from the email campaign or via web forms. Web forms can be created using and linked to a client's website.

List Hygiene Management

Mail media includes an extremely robust and advanced bounce management system. Our bounce management system has the ability to not only determine hard bounce versus soft bounce, but it will also break the bounce down further into 3 different categories allowing you to get a better understanding of your exact bounce activity.

Mail media also includes a feature that will reset a recipient's bounce count to zero if that person opens or reads a message. This feature is helpful in keeping list churn low by falsely removing recipients due to bounces from a content filter.

HTML Forms Wizard

Mail media allows you to seamlessly integrate forms on your website so you can easily capture client data in real time. Mail media allows you to define any number of custom data profile fields that fit your business needs. You can use our HTML Forms Wizard to generate web forms.





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