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The Mail media platform includes tools designed to help you determine the exact demographics of your customers. Through real-time, web-based reports and analytics, you'll get a high level view of your campaign results, plus be able to drill-down into the specifics of your data. The more known about your ideal customer, the more you can refine future email campaigns to deliver exactly what your customers want when they want it. The valuable information provided by Mail media reports and tracking tools will pave the way to increased buy rates and order volume, decreased bounce backs and unsubscribes, and of course an ever-growing return on investment.

Know Who Opened and Clicked

Mail media powerful tracking and analytical platform gives customers both summary and detail views of who has opened, read or clicked through on the campaigns. This information is vital in making key decisions on campaign follow-up as well as follow through by sales staff.

Campaign Bounce Report

One very vital aspect of managing your email marketing list is bounce management. Mail media contains reports that help email marketers understand which recipients are bouncing as well as understand bounce rates for all of your campaigns. Mail media also allows you to drill down to see what type of bounce is being generated (hard bounce vs. soft bounce) as well as see the full bounce description.

Viral Tracking Report Analytics

The Built-in "forward-to-friend" tool helps your recipients spread the word about you. Your campaign reports show how many times your campaign was forwarded, opened by whom and at what time.

Hosted Online Report Archive

View, save and print all campaign reports. The report archive allows you to refer to them at any time to make better decisions on your email marketing strategy and to refine future campaigns.





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