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Pharmaceutical Artworks, Packaging Design & Complete Print Solutions–

Med Media is a specialist pharmaceutical artwork supplier producing highly accurate artworks to current pharmaceutical legislations and to a fast turn-around.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission here at Med Media is simple; to work with our pharmaceutical clients and help take the stress out of artwork deadlines and submissions. We understand the pressures and various processes involved and the licence application is never straight forward. The Med Media team is here to provide highly accurate artworks with a fast response time to keep those applications active and flowing and not slipping down the assessor's priority list.

We understand that all our clients operate at various scales and that is why we offer Assist Support for those who need a little help at various times and Full Support for those who need that bit more.

Our flexibility means we can fit in with your current working structure and can provide assistance when and how you require.

Here at Med Media we understand most companies already have an existing artwork supply chain. We are here simply to offer assistance and support. We do not intend to muscle our way in and take full control. Perhaps a member of staff is ill or you need work done to meet a deadline but everyone is busy. We are able to pick up and keep the artworks flowing and get the job done to meet your tight deadlines. We can be a valuable resource and good ace in the hand when the job gets tough.

  Highly skilled and accurate team with industry experience

  Partial support to cover overflow, maternity leave and illness

  Constant, ready to go support

  Consultation and advice

  Assistance with existing artwork suppliers

  Management of artworks

  Fast artwork design lead times


If you require more information about Med Media, please do not hesitate to contact us at medmedia@fxd.co.in

or email us and find out more or to arrange a free consultation.





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