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All Pharma Prints Support – from Med media


Pharmaceutical Artworks, Packaging Design & Complete Print Solutions–

At Med media, we can print any of your business documents irrespective of the quantity, shape or size. We offer a wide choice of media to our clients including standard art card, textured media and metallic media. We can print collaterals of custom shapes based on the client requirements.

We use multiple printing technologies to give our customers the best quality at competitive rates. Some of the technologies we use are:

  Digital Narrow Format Printing (Toner Based)

  Wide Format Printing (Outdoor / Indoor)

  Offset Printing

  Screen Printing

It is the finishing that determines the final product quality irrespective of the design used. Hence we give our customers various finishing options to enhance the overall presentation of their print collateral. Some of the binding options include:

 Spiral / Wiro

  Center Stapling / Perfect Binding

  Cold / Hot / Spot Lamination

  Custom Shape Cutting etc


Med media provides the complete package of Designing, Printing & Post Printing Services. We provide various value added services at various phases of the complete package.


Med media will mail all newsletters, flyers etc on your behalf so that you don’t need to liaison with two different vendors, one for printing and one for distribution.

Save Collaterals & Print on Demand

Once your Business Collaterals are printed with us, you can ask us to save them for you. We will print them in the future for you on demand.

Print by Email

In today’s current scenario where transportation has become a big problem, we can accept your jobs by email thereby reducing time to send the artworks/documents.

Variable Data Printing

Personalized Business Collaterals create a much bigger impact as compared to standard mass mailers. There are various applications for VDP, right from marketing collateral, custom cards, invites, etc.

Scanning & OCR Services

Digitize your documents and files into organized digital content to prevent loss of important information. We offer complete scanning and OCR solutions by which we can digitize your content and organize them.

Custom Punching

We can get custom shaped artworks created for our clients. Custom shaped marketing material stand out in the clutter of standard material.

Thus at Med media, we aspire to create products which leave a lasting impression on our customers.


We pride ourselves on our excellent client relationships so why not contact us today on : medmedia@fxd.co.in

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