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Full Pharma Artwork Support – from Med media


Pharmaceutical Artworks, Packaging Design & Complete Print Solutions–

We can offer complete project assistance and provide a full contract service and manage all artwork production.

We have the facility and knowledge to take on all your artwork needs. We can take on the role of your in-house artwork supply chain for as long as needed. We can support you while you are busy and help integrate your own artwork team at a later stage. We take the pressure out of the equation and keep the artworks flowing with no down time. Our management skills allow us to adapt to new teams and methods of working.

  Highly skilled and accurate team with industry experience

  Total control of artworks (if needed)

 Capable of large projects

 Ready for multiple language permutations

 Management of integration

  Planning & management of incorporating new artwork support

 Management of multiple product names & multiple versions for multiple submissions

 Handle existing artwork documents

 Secure data & backup

  Product catalogues

 Corporate guideline manuals & branding


We pride ourselves on our excellent client relationships so why not contact us today on : medmedia@fxd.co.in

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