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Quality Assurances – from Med media


Pharmaceutical Artworks, Packaging Design & Complete Print Solutions–

Here at Med Media we understand the need for constant improvement. Our attention to detail is at the highest level and we continue to rigorously monitor and check our working methods. Our aim is simple; a zero quality incident policy, we ensure that any mistake on our part are kept to an absolute minimum where possible. Our staff training and good operating practice ensures we constantly deliver what we preach.

Customer Feedback Questionnaire

And to make sure we are listening to our customers, we issue a feedback questionnaire to review and monitor how we are doing. This is then used to help improve our services to our clients and in-turn improve our quality and service assurance.

Why choose us – artworks with a seal of quality

  Pharmaceutical industry experience

  Fast turnaround times

  High level of accuracy

  Legislatively aware

  Reliable; able to meet strict deadlines

  Confidentiality assured

  Artwork to high standards, ready for validation

  No down time, out of office hours service available, bookable in advance

  Constant support

  Secure files & data

  Data backup & protection

  Dedicated broadband connection

  Quality control

  Artwork quality inspection

  Training guidelines

  Effective work flow

  Office security

  Clean working environment


We pride ourselves on our excellent client relationships so why not contact us today on : medmedia@fxd.co.in

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